If you wish to gain the painting skills required to compose and create your own composition, then these classes will put you on the right track.

I am a full time painter who paints in a variety of media, and a wide variety of subjects. I wish to share with you what I have learnt to help you achieve your goals in painting. There is much to learn.

Classes will look at a variety of aspects of painting , such as:

Color theory, Mixing, Media, composition, Tone, perspective, layering, etc etc.

From an understanding of these tools, one gains the know-how to compose and create one's own painting.





If you would like to know a bit more on what the Classes will entail, plese don't hesitate to contact me at
and I will send you details of topics and


Classes take place on Monday and Tuesday Evenings in the Bantry Christian Fellowship building in Bantry on Monday, and in the Caheragh Community Hall, Caheragh, on Tuesdays, between 7 and 9 p.m.

The number of students is limited so that each student will be given as much one-to-one tuition as possible. Advice will be given on Materials and techniques and how to make the most of the Materials you have.

A full list of desired materials will be sent after booking. I recommend quality materials that will last. That way you possess all your own materials to continue your Art Practice at home after the classes finish.

Easels and tables are provided.

All levels of ability are welcome, and each person will be guided from where they are at in their Artistic Journey. My aim is that you will continue to paint with what you have learnt long after the classes finish.

Teaching and demonstrations will take place using Acrylic Paint, for the purpose of speed, but the techniques of Oil will also be addressed. Subjects to paint will be Landscape, Still life and the Human Figure

5 Art 2024

( Jan to Feb Classes )
€ 129

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5 Art Classes
(  February to March, 2024)   
€ 129

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